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Delicious Dining Services at Monmouth

Summer has come to end and it is time for another academic year! Students rejoice with their friends in common areas on campus like the Magill Commons Dining Hall and Rebecca Stafford Student Center’s Food Court. With these two options, students are given plenty of choice as to what they may indulge. The class of 2027 has joined the Monmouth community and can find themselves not knowing where to begin with the options Monmouth has to offer.

The Food Court is home to five dining options: Simply Salad, Sonos, Jersey Mike’s, The Grill, and Forte. Simply Salad offers a selection of salads or create your own. Sonos is home to burritos, bowls, and tacos. Jersey Mike’s is a favorite of many students. They offer a full selection of their chain’s menu, but also breakfast subs exclusive to Monmouth. The Grill is for those in the mood for burgers, chicken tenders, or mozzarella sticks, and is to-go only. Forte serves pizza with creative toppings and daily specials.

The Dining Hall has many stations. From classic burgers, a make your own creation station, and a daily chef’s special, students are guaranteed to find something to meet their needs every day.

Sophomore Paisley Tornatore, a health studies student, expressed, “Because I transferred to Monmouth, I noticed the quality of the food is the best. I really like the options here.”

Coming in as a freshman and seeing all of the options can feel overwhelming. Brooke McKown, a sophomore health and physical education student, said, “We have such good choices here at Monmouth. The student center is my favorite and the workers are amazing.”

The Food Court and Dining Hall (now only for deli and dietary needs) offers mobile ordering for those on the go or to make selecting food choices easier.

There is also an on-campus Dietitian to help with concerns regarding diet, allergy needs, or how to create balanced and nutritious meals.

Mollie O’Kane is the Dietitian on campus. She said, “I have nutrition counseling office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the health center, however I am available other days of the week if those particular days don’t work for students’ schedules.”

O’Kane continued, “My recommendation, as a dietitian, for building a nourishing plate would be to make half your plate fruits and vegetables, a quarter of your plate grains or a starch, the remaining quarter of your plate protein, and working in a serving of dairy. I recommend switching up sources of protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits to avoid getting bored of eating the same foods.”

Social media is a great way for students to keep up with the daily menu at the Dining Hall, pop-ups, and recipe ideas. Jennifer Pomarico, Monmouth’s Gourmet Dining Marketing Manager, handles all marketing across Instagram and TikTok. “We recommend all students follow us on social media, especially Instagram, because that’s where we post the most up to date information! If there are any hours of operation changes or fun events, we don’t want you to miss out on! We’re @GDSatMonmouth on Instagram & TikTok!”

If students want to be involved in creating content for Gourmet Dining, there is a marketing internship to help those who want more experience.

Whether that be a Jersey Mikes cold sub or the salad bar at the Dining Hall, students find themselves gathering in these areas not just for food, but to create memories.