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Major Spotlight: Music Industry

Music industry is a unique program offered here at Monmouth. Ranked as one of Billboard’s 2023 top music business schools, this program allows for students to follow their passions for music and allows for opportunities within the field while still a student. From working on tour with bands to producing and working in a studio, the music industry program that Monmouth offers catches the eye of many interested students.

Amanda Hayes, a senior music industry student, said, “The music industry program offers the perfect blend of business education, communications, music history, and artistry! On top of that, music industry courses offer real-world experiences from record production, songwriting, or producing on our student run compilation album each semester!”

Cameron Bacon, a senior music industry student, agrees with Hayes, saying, “Something that people might not know [about the music industry program] is that there is almost something for everybody behind the scenes in music. Marketing, production, law, design elements, accounting, construction in tours, etc. Almost any major here at Monmouth could possibly come in handy in the music world.”
Hayes participated in choir, dance, and her school’s musicals, so when she visited Monmouth in 2019 and found the Blue Hawk Records table, she was all in.

“I fell in love with the opportunities offered to music industry students at Monmouth. I’d never imagined being able to work in music without performing before!”
The music industry program also gives students opportunities to work with local record labels outside of Monmouth.

“One thing about the music industry major that other Monmouth students may not know is that we work alongside the Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park and offer many classes through their studio and staff. For example, last semester I was able to take Record Production with Professor Connor Hanson at Lakehouse Music Academy and was able to have hands-on experience in a recording studio with an experienced producer,” said sophomore music industry student, Marley Bell.

The music industry program that Monmouth offers gives students the skills, tools, and resources they need in order to succeed within the music industry field. Joe Rapolla is the chair for the Department Music and Theatre Arts if any student has questions or is interested in the field.