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MU Alumni Named on InsiderNJ 100: Millennials List

Monmouth alumni Zachary Dougherty ’23, Samantha DeAlmeida ’12 ’14M ’18M, and Morganne Dudzinski ’12 ’13M have been named on InsiderNJ’s 2023 Insider 100: Millennials List to the spots No. 28, No. 36, and No. 90, respectively. This will be Doughtery’s and DeAlmeida’s fifth consecutive years on the list, in addition to Dudzinski’s debut. Both Doughtery and DeAlmeida are cited as being emerging talents in New Jersey politics.

Lindsay Wood, the Senior Director for Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, acknowledged the political prestige of InsiderNJ. “The InsiderNJ publication ranks some of the most influential leaders of the next generation in politics in New Jersey,” she explained. “To see Monmouth alumni reliably included in this company is a testament to the transformative nature of a Monmouth education, and our focus on preparing students for success outside the classroom.”

Doughtery graduated with a B.A. in History and Political Science from Monmouth. According to the InsiderNJ publication, Doughtery has been “an active voice for younger residents since he was in his teens, spearheading efforts that include the recently-established NJ Legislative Youth Council,” which provides a forum for NJ youth to participate in the democratic process. Doughtery serves as the current 10th Legislative District Youth Council Representative. Last year when listed at No. 22 as a senior at Monmouth, Doughtery was credited as being a leader on anti-gun violence initiatives in addition to his role in establishing the Council. A past Monmouth Now article quotes him as addressing to his fellow students: “If you’re crazy enough to think you can change the world, you’re exactly who the world needs.”

DeAlmedia graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and two M.As in Public Policy and Homeland Security, all three of which have been earned at Monmouth. She currently is the President of the Associated Builders and Contractors of New Jersey in addition to being a “rising labor force and a respected voice,” as noted by InsiderNJ. Additionally, it was under her leadership that the ABC-NJ held a summer program in which trades were introduced to middle schoolers. When on last year’s list at No. 28, InsiderNJ highlighted DeAlmedia’s “attempt for Assembly in 2019 in part aimed at increasing representation for younger voices.”

Dudzinski graduated with a B.A. in Communication and M.A. in Public Policy from Monmouth. She has a background in non-profit and education communication, and according to InsiderNJ, “served as a staffer to former Senator Jennifer Beck, and currently serves as the Executive Director of the NJ Association of State Colleges and Universities.”

Wood concluded, “I’m personally very proud that three of our recent alumni have been recognized as influencers this year. It’s an inspiration to me, and I hope to their fellow Hawks, to see each of them dedicate their talents to the spirit of service to their community. Congratulations to Zachary, Samantha, and Morganne on this honor.”