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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Leon Hess Business School Ranked Among Top Programs

The Leon Hess Business School has been named "One of the Best 296 Business Schools" by The Princeton Review for the tenth year in a row in its annual business and law school rankings, published on Oct. 7.

The Princeton Review ranks the top 296 institutions in 11 different categories including "Best Administered," "Best Green MBA," and "Toughest To Get Into" by interviewing more than 21,600 students. The Princeton Review's website stated,

"By using our lists in conjunction with the statistics from universities about their academic programs and 'Students Say' sections in our school profiles, you will be able to identify attributes of business schools that are important to you – and ultimately, generate a list of the schools that can best help you achieve your personal and professional goals."

The schools are not ranked numerically, therefore The Princeton Review has not declared an institution as being the "best" in comparison to the remaining 295 universities.

The Princeton Review stated, "We do not rank the schools 1 to 296 based on our opinion of their academics nor do any of our 11 categories of ranking lists purport to rank the schools in terms of overall quality."

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Berlin Wall

The former US ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Phillip Murphy, delivered a speech recognizing the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Wilson Hall on Monday, Nov. 17.

The event was hosted by the Honors School and the non-profit German School of Monmouth County.

As former ambassador to Germany during this historic period, Murphy discussed his first-hand experience and other facts about the era. Murphy praised the efforts by government officials in taking down the wall.

"I believe the period from Nov. 1989 to Oct. 1990 is the greatest eleven months of American diplomacy since World War II's Marshall Plan," Murphy said.

He also examined the role the US played in assisting Germany at the time of the Berlin Wall and the high respect between the two nations that developed because of it. "George H. Bush remains a hero to virtually every German," he said.

Murphy guaranteed the audience that if they ask either the Obama or Bush administration today which ally they respect the most, each administration would say Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Pat Layton, a senior communication major, attended the event. "It was interesting to hear the changes Germany had went under in 25 years and how their view on America has evolved within that time," he said.

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Hate and Bias Presentation

David D'Amico, a detective from Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, spoke to students at the University on the severity of hate and bias crimes that continuously transpire in society on Thursday, Nov. 13 in Wilson Hall.

D'Amico explained that in the state of New Jersey, an individual can be persecuted for a bias crime.

The detective started his presentation by introducing his background and credentials. He has been a cop for 25 years, and at the turn of the century he applied and was accepted to Monmouth County's Prosecutors Office. The Prosecutor's Office is made up of specialized units. D'Amico's particular unit deals with bias and criminal acts.

Tom McCarthy, Assistant Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, was the coordinator of this event. "We have been hosting this event at Monmouth for the last seven years," said McCarthy.

D'Amico also initially referred to the audience as heroes, leaders and role models of Monmouth University.

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Same-Sex Documentary Viewing

A crowd of about 215 University students and faculty gathered to attend the viewing of the documentary Bridegroom and to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage with Shane Crone, documentary creator and same-sex marriage activist, in Anacon Hall on Wednesday, Nov 5.

Crone has recently been speaking at colleges across the country and Monmouth was one of the last schools left on his fall tour. The documentary is about the love story of Crone and Thomas Bridegroom and the struggles they faced as a same-sex couple. It emphasized how same-sex marriage ban laws affected Crone after Bridegroom's tragic, unexpected death.

Crone explained that at first he was hesitant to go on tour but knew that it would force him to step out of his comfort zone and share his story with others.

"I am so glad that I said yes because of the special moments that have taken place on this tour," said Crone. "At every school I have spoken at, I have encountered at least one person who is suffering for being a homosexual. There was a young man I spoke to who said the film prevented him from taking his own life."

The Student Activities Board (SAB) planned the event. "The motto of the film is, 'It's not a gay thing, it's not a straight thing, it's a human thing,'" said Alicia Torello, SAB Chair of Awareness.

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MU Hosts Largest Fall Career Day

Untitled-1Students were given the opportunity to network with over 100 employers from a wide variety of occupations at the largest Fall Career Day ever, hosted by the University on Wednesday, Nov. 5 in the University's Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC).

The Career Day is an event that takes the synergy of many University offices. William Hill, Assistant Dean of Career Services in the Center for Student Success (CSS), was an avid participant in the organization of the event.

"Planning for the Career Day involves a great collaborative effort between many of the offices on campus. We start planning about three months in advance by contacting potential employers, selecting new employers, and taking care of logistics such as parking, food, tabling and signage," said Hill.

There were a variety of employers present in the MAC in order to cater to the diverse fields of studies for students. W.B. Mason was one of them. They sought students interested in joining one of the largest privately owned office products dealer in the United States. Daniel Iannaccone, a W.B. Mason Sales Manager, said, "We recruit Monmouth students simply because the talent from Monmouth University is the best in central Jersey. The personalities of students at Monmouth meet what we are looking for in our sales persons."

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Implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan

Untitled-3Since the University's newly developed Strategic Plan was accepted and recognized by the Board of Trustees on Oct. 23, the Steering Committee and Provost Laura Moriarty have begun to transition into the implementation process of the plan.

"One of the first items for us is to create an inventory and analysis of the curricular and co-curricular opportunities that currently exist," said Christine Benol, Steering Committee Co-Chair and Vice President of Enrollment Management.

"Although some items may be implemented in the first year, other initiatives will take several years to complete. Metrics for measuring our achievements will be identified."

University President Paul Brown said that the guiding principles within the Strategic Plan will determine the University's course of action over the next five to six years. "Throughout the process, we were very careful not to turn discussions about the overall vision for our future into a checklist of specific initiatives to accomplish. Instead, we focused on a vision for the overarching and unique elements that Monmouth can emphasize as a residential mid-sized university," Brown said.

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College Sports: Upon Further Review

klanni_sportspanel-4-editThe University hosted a sports panel "College Sports: Upon Further Review," discussing the turbulent nature of the current commercialization of college athletes in Pollak Theatre on Nov. 8.

The panel included: University President Paul Brown; Dan Beebe, the former Commissioner of both the Big 12 and Ohio Valley Conferences; and Amy Perko, Executive Director of the Knight Commission, a website that attempts to ensure an educational focus for college athletes. Matt Harmon, a specialist professor for the communication department and broadcaster of the Monmouth men's basketball and football teams, moderated the proceedings.

Several topics prevalent within college sports were discussed throughout the hour and a half-long panel; however, two recent rulings that could heavily impact the landscape of college sports were the central focus of the panel.

The first ruling, decided by the NCAA Division I board of directors, allows members of the power five conferences to have autonomy. This ruling permits the power five conferences, SEC, Big 12, Pac-12, ACC, and Big Ten, the authority to create some of their own legislation and rules for athletes. Because these schools generate exorbitant revenue and are under a different standard and level of expectation, they were given the right to control themselves.

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University Celebrates Cinello Bowling Center Opening

bowing-2The University officially opened the Ciniello Bowling Center on Tuesday, Oct. 10, which was made possible by a $350,000 donation from University alumnus Patrick Ciniello.

Ciniello, a 1967 graduate, had the idea to build the bowling alley on campus from his former presidency and role as a chairman of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

Dr. Marilyn McNeil, Vice President and Director of Athletics, said that Ciniello, who outfits bowling alleys internationally, contacted the University because he wanted to do something on a college campus. After discussion, Monmouth University was able to accommodate a space for the project.

"It was over a year in the making," Dr. McNeil said. "Much work had to be done by Monmouth personnel to prepare the space in the Boylan Gym before the bowling infrastructure was put in."

The project saw major contributions from the Athletics department as well as Facilities Management.

"I was a spectator when it came to the planning," said Chuck Gerdon, Director of Leadership Programs. "I will tell you it was difficult for a desk jockey like me to conceptualize, and they did a great job," he said.

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Panel Focuses on Sexual Violence Prevention

Rape-Picture-Tara-CirincioneThe presence of rape and sexual assault on college campuses, ways to prevent this behavior, and places to seek help both on and off campus has been a topic of recent discussion at the University.

"Rape is not only a crime, it is a crisis," said Ellen Bloom-Rau, Crisis Counselor and University alumna. Bloom-Rau has been visiting the University for 12 years to discuss the topic of sexual violence.

Bloom-Rau spoke at the University during "Hawks United Week," an event which focused on sexual violence prevention. She stressed the difference between sexual assault and sexual contact. Sexual assault is defined as, "Unwanted sexual penetration of another person. This can be vaginal, oral, or anal." The counselor defined sexual contact as, "Any unwanted sexual contact without penetration."

Nina Anderson, Title IX Coordinator at the University, has been a major contributor to the discussion of sexual assault on college campuses. "Our goal was to present information on campus sexual assault in several formats to educate and increase awareness in the campus community on this very complex issue," she said.

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University Hosts 10th Annual Future of the Ocean Symposium

Ocean-Symposium-Pic-2The 10th Annual Future of the Ocean Symposium and Champions of the Ocean Awards Luncheon honored Dr. Kathryn Sullivan and Wendy Schmidt, NJ natives and distinguished pioneers of the environmental intelligence industry.

Hosted by the Urban Coast Institute (UCI), an extension of the University's Marine and Environmental Biology departments, this event was a timely recognition of how coastal communities like Monmouth County have progressed since the devastation of Hurricane Sandy approximately two years ago.

President Paul Brown opened the symposium on Thursday, Oct. 30 in Wilson Hall by recognizing the University's distinctive location on the shoreline, explaining that he considers Monmouth to be a "coastal campus." As such, we are in the unique position of making a considerable difference in the environment around us, as well as honoring leaders of the environmental movement.

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Under New Management: The University’s Strategic Plan

front-page-strategicMonmouth's first Strategic Plan in over 20 years involving both a new University president and provost was recognized on Thursday, Oct. 23 during the Strategic Plan Celebration in Wilson Hall.

During the event, which was inspired by a fall theme, President Paul Brown addressed faculty, board and committee representatives, and other members of the campus community.

"There is no question in my mind, and I know in your mind, this will set the course for Monmouth University over the coming years, and it would not be possible without the handwork of everybody here today," Brown said to audience during his address.

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