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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Women Have Right to #BoycottNFL #GetRidofGoodell

NFl-boycottIn this country, football is a great American tradition. Many individuals, especially a large population of the youth, idolize the strong, tough and larger-than-life NFL players.

However, as more stories of domestic violence begin to surface as a result of recent crimes, many are jumping on the bandwagon and making the decision to #BoycottNFL.

I believe that anyone, especially women, are completely justified in their anger, disbelief or disgust in Roger Goodell and the criminal activities that are occurring without consequence in the National Football League under his leadership.

Most people are all too familiar with the Ray Rice case that has been dominating our TV screens, news feeds, magazine headlines and internet searches. Is that type of extreme violence really what it takes to get our attention and cause us to act? Is it not until a famous NFL player hits his fiancé so hard that he renders her unconscious that the public's eyes will be open to the truth?

We would all probably still be left in the dark if not for that infamous Rice elevator video being leaked to the media. It was not until then that the NFL and it's commissioner Goodell could no longer conceal the truth for the sake of keeping their player in the game.

As horrific as this Rice fiasco is, it is not the first by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, according to The New York Times, 713 NFL players have been arrested since 2000. 88 of those were documented under assualt and battery, while 85 of them were domestic violence cases.

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Jeter’s Farewell Changes Face of Baseball

jeterDerek Jeter is baseball. Before the start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season, the Yankees' captain announced this would be his last. This season marked Jeter's twentieth and final season wearing Yankee pinstripes. With the Yankees missing the playoffs this season, and the regular season having ended Sunday, Sept. 28, the face of Major League Baseball has changed forever.

Jeter ended his career playing career in New York the only way he knew how – with an iconic moment. On Thursday, Sept. 25, No. 2 stepped to the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning against the Baltimore Orioles in a tie ballgame, for what would be his final at bat in front of the home crowd at Yankee Stadium.

In classic Jeter fashion, he singled to right field on the first pitch of the at bat to score the runner from second base and seal a walk off victory for the Bronx Bombers. Jeter's final game as the Yankees shortstop came against long time rival, the Boston Red Sox. It was a Hollywood ending to this Bronx Tale.

With Jeter leaving the world of Major League Baseball, the game of baseball will never be the same. Derek Jeter was the face of baseball for all the right reasons. He earned respect amongst all of his teammates and competitors. He played the game right, giving it his all every time he stepped on a baseball diamond. Mr. November will go down not only as an all-time Yankees great, but an all-time great in the history of MLB. Jeter's departure leaves baseball without a clear-cut face for the general public to associate with the sport.

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Perks of Hook-Up Culture

As millennials, we are criticized daily. From our attitudes on life, to how much we drink, and of course how we interact with the opposite sex. Article after article is written on why the hook up culture of our generation is so detrimental. I have read articles that claim our generation will wind up alone because we cannot form relationships. That could not be farther from the truth.

As I watch my friends twist their way through this confusing time in our lives, I am seeing strong, beautiful people forming.- young adults who know what they want in life, people who know what matters to them. Is a culture of people so sure of who they are a bad thing?

I often listen to my friends speculate about having a boyfriend, yet the conversation always ends like this, "I don't have time for a boyfriend anyway." Our generation is driven and determined to succeed. Adding in the responsibility of nurturing a relationship is just not a priority at the moment.

Relationships take time and effort, and starting a new one takes even more time. Overwhelming amounts of credits, budding careers, part time jobs, grad school, greek life, sports teams, clubs, events and internship our generation is lucky if we even have time to grab a beer at Jack's happy hour!

This means that people who do get into relationships know it's worth it. Among my taken friends, including myself, I see some of the strongest bonds between people. People who really do have a connection, who chose to be in relationships because they know it is worth putting in the time and effort.

As we take less time to learn from relationships we take more time to learn who we are and what we actually want, whereas generations before us have had it hammered in their head they must find a spouse, get married and have kids, our generation's hook up culture does not condone the opposite of this but just promotes focusing on your happiness.

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Appreciate Autumn and All the Fall Festivities it Has to Offer

fall-2-gsAutumn - the bright and colorful leaves are falling; the temperature cools down to a crisp degree and lives fall back into their familiar and comfortable routines again as summer winds down and students return to school.

Also worth mentioning are comfy hoodies, Ugg boots, apple picking, haunted hayrides and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING.Those are just the few of many reasons why for me, it is so easy to fall in love with fall.

Let's face it, we're not children anymore, and for most of us summer simply does not mean what it used to. Gone are the long summers filled with days spent by the pool or at the beach and with no responsibilities. Now as working adults, summer is really nothing more than a time of the year when the weather heats up and the roads are packed with shore traffic.

Winter can be fun due to the excitement of the holidays; however, in my opinion it gets pretty old after about the third snowstorm. Snow just means I have to wake up an extra hour early in frigid temperatures to clean off my car and prepare to trek to school, work or wherever else I may need to go.

And spring is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers and trees bloom again and the promise of summer returns. But unfortunately, along with spring comes an abundance of allergies and rain, I will pass on that.

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Proclaimed “Hippie” Culture Today is Not Similar to the Sixties

NamWe all know those people. The self-proclaimed hippies of today (or sometimes referred to as hipsters) that walk around in overpriced clothes from Urban Outfitters, listen to Sublime, and have some affiliation with weed. They claim to be hippies and channel their ancestors of the sixties and seventies but in reality they don't know the first thing about what it meant to be a hippie fifty years ago.

In every decade you can see a rebel group that comes to fruition. There were the flappers, the beatniks, the punks, and the slackers. The rebels of these generations were more than the music they listened to or the clothes they wore. We think we know what hippies are because we've seen the pictures and watched the movies. Hollywood has preached to us all our lives just how cool the hippies were.

It's easy to listen to the Beatles, wear round glasses, throw flowers in your hair at a rave and get tattoos of Sanskrit. What is not quite as easy to share is the ideology and the passion the hippies of the yesteryears had. Sixties hippies wanted to remove capitalism and an American political system they saw as authoritarian and unrepresentative.

It bothers me that these people channel the cool of the sixties but think it can be bought at a store. The same type of stores those hippies once fought against. Not only did hippies fight commercialism but they also fought an American government system that they did not believe in. Back then, hippies were protesting the Vietnam War and the draft that sent their brothers and neighbors off to fight and ruin their lives. It was a confusing time, and nothing in society today has the same sense of urgency.

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Can Athletes Still Be Seen As Role Models After Ray Rice Scandal?

Devon-Still-and-Daughter-LeahWill Ray Rice play football again in Baltimore? Quoth the Ravens, "Nevermore." After being suspended two games for beating his now-wife, Janay, new and more graphic video of the incident leaked this week by TMZ. This led the Baltimore Ravens to terminate the three-time Pro Bowl running back's contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. Now NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is embroiled in an investigation into whether he knew about this footage before TMZ leaked it and how much he really knew when he handed down that initial two game suspension. But this incident has also raised another issue that has not been touched on by most media outlets: Do athletes still make good role models?

I know as a kid, and a life-long Mets fan, I had several different t-shirts with Mike Piazza's name and number on them. I also knew many other kids who wore Derek Jeter t-shirts. The idea that either of these players, or any other popular athletes for that matter, was capable of things like steroid abuse or domestic violence never entered my mind. I only cared about how they performed on the field; how many home runs they hit or how many runs they drove in. But with more and more athletes today being judged by how they act off the field, is it a good idea for children to idolize sports stars like Rice?

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Broadway Musicals Are Making The Move To Be More Popular for the Masses

If anyone knows the musical, Wicked, they know one of the show's most famous songs, "Popular." Popular is one of the first songs sung by Glinda the Good Witch in the first act, and it begs one to question what makes a person popular. On the other hand, the music that is popular on radio stations and Billboard charts today begs one to question why this music is popular.

As a fan of Broadway and theatre music, I question why I like this genre so much, but when I really think about it, it reminds me of the parallels between Broadway artists and some of my favorite Hollywood artists today.

Some people believe that Broadway music is just a bunch of song and dance, that it's full of tap and chorus lines. This is not the case anymore. The style of Broadway is changing. Yes, it is easier to get access to Broadway music from listening to soundtracks of shows, but there are contemporary composers who are releasing music just like a regular recording artists are.

Theatre music is not what it used to be anymore. Composers like Kerrigan and Lowdermilk, as well as Jonathan Reid Gealt are putting out CD's featuring some of the music industry's up-and-coming stars.

If you want to hear a singer put their emotion into a song and sing their heart out, listen to Jonathan Reid Gealt's song "Quiet" sung by Natalie Weiss. Weiss has been on Broadway and is now famous for teaching a workshop called "Breaking Down the Riffs". This song has the ability to change anyone's opinion of what Broadway is in a second.

Weiss will be coming to Monmouth's Woods Theatre on October 2nd for anyone who is interested in learning what contemporary Broadway has become.

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Rape: Mattress Message

It would be strange to see a woman walking around campus dragging a mattress. It's arguably an interesting sight to see in any setting. Mattresses belong in one place: the bedroom.

If you venture to Columbia University's campus, however, you might spot Emma Sulkowicz, a student who is defying a social norm. Everywhere she goes, her mattress follows.

Sulkowicz, to the surprise of many, is dragging the mattress around of her own free will. She is attempting to make a sobering statement about the various facets of injustice in on-campus sexual assault cases.

Sulkowicz was raped in her own bed by a fellow Columbia University student. The administration and faculty at Columbia University were ineffective in properly responding to her case, and Sulkowicz felt that something needed to be done.

It is not uncommon to hear a story about another college campus assault case. The word "rape" has almost become desensitized. Yet, in stark contrast to the commonality of the issue is the absolute lack of change that it has inspired.

People love to talk about it, of course. Sulkowicz's story will be shared on Facebook and Twitter and across any other appropriate medium of communication for many more weeks to come. She has gained a lot of attention in the past few weeks. Major newspapers have covered her story, depicting her as the brave heroine who is standing up to her attacker.

But people will forget, as they always do. Eventually, Sulkowicz's story will become just another statistic, and her uniqueness will wear off. Once it does, we will again be faced with the challenge of rekindling another call to change.

As a  college student, as a feminist, as a human, it's a depressing trend to acknowledge. So we cannot forget. We cannot forget Emma Sulkowicz, or the facts of her case, or the injustices that her University afforded her.

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Advice from College Seniors: Senior Year -The Perfect Time to Persevere, Not Give Up

As we begin our senior year, many of our fellow students have already invested in the luxury of a four class schedule with plenty of time to kill. We see our friends casually drinking on weeknights and going to the beach on weekdays. While we too have some time during the week, we have taken the liberty of keeping our hectic schedule in order to grasp a full appreciation of our college life.

A friend who recently graduated consistently goes to social media to complain how much he misses the college lifestyle and even his out of school responsibilities such as participation in clubs and his fraternity.

We realize that we are fortunate enough to be part of three major clubs on campus and did not want to drop these activities just to more freedom during our senior year.

Being leaders for two of our clubs' majors on campus has taught us that being involved and staying involved is a learning experience that pays off. It looks much better on your resume if you stay in an activity because it shows commitment and dedication which can then be translated to a future job.

If you diminish your responsibilities just because it's your senior year, then a future employer may think you could do the same during your career. With this said, it is never too late to join an organization. Both of us went around the Involvement Fair this past weekend and joined some clubs that we never even thought of as an option in prior years. We do not want an opportunity to slip through our hands, hence why we have decided it would be best to be as involved as we can be. There are still so many people to meet and so many ways to be involved.

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Take Advantage of MU: Advice from an Upperclassman

I still remember what it was like to step onto the campus of a "college" for the first time, the smell of freedom was stronger than ever, and I felt like the world was mine for the taking.

Now, looking back on that freshman, there are a few things I wish I could tell him. The first of which being, oh god why were you wearing that?! The second thing would be to take things a little more seriously. I don't mean, "don't have fun on weekends," rather, realize the time and opportunities you have in front of you and how fleeting they truly are. Here is what I think you need to do in order to take full advantage of college.

1. Get to know the campus

To be completely honest with you, I am not the type of person who walks into a situation and feels like they know what is going on. There is something beautiful about being lost, because that means at some point, you have to end up finding a way.

Getting to know the campus and what it's like to move from classroom to classroom, or knowing what it's like to walk across the arctic tundra that is Shadow Lawn in the dead of winter; is a vital part of college. Its moments like these where we have to remember what we heard as kids, "make sure you bundle up, it's cold outside!" We learn how to take care of ourselves and how to navigate the world around us.

2. Get to know the people

This is both a positive and negative experience. I have heard and actually have been guilty myself of saying the people of Monmouth are not the best sometimes. Realize this is the case any place you go.

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Ten Commandments College Freshmen Should Follow

ten_commandments_college_freshmenThere are many things people don't tell you about college life. Some things are small, trivial matters that just annoy every upperclassman on campus. Other things can change your entire college career if you keep an open, focused mind. Here are ten helpful tips for our incoming peers.

1. Making new friends is good; walking around campus in a group of 10+ people is bothersome.

The excitement of meeting new people and making new friends can become overwhelming the first couple of weeks as a freshman. Be mindful that, although you like walking around in a pack with your new self-proclaimed college crew, large groups take up a fair amount of room and should be mindful of other people using the sidewalks and/or space around them.

2. College food isn't that great.

Granted most—if not all—freshman will have a meal plan their first year, don't go overboard with all the pizza, cheeseburgers, fries, and sandwiches that you desire. Try to maintain a conscious and healthy diet because the notorious "Freshman 15" is NOT a myth. Also, be aware of those late night greasy cravings that so many businesses around campus cater to. Do you really need that 12-piece Buffalo chicken order at 3am?

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