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Volume 83 (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012)

It’s T-Shirt Time!


Everyone loves the Jersey shoreboth the literal Jersey shore and the actual show the “Jersey Shore.” The show gave our lovely state of New Jersey a new reputation. Since all students attend school on the shore, I feel that it’s appropriate to talk about the immersive shenanigans that people think actually takes place in Jersey. We “New Jerseyians” love the attention; like the sun, we are going to soak it up!

Yes we go to a school that’s down the shore, but no we aren’t all guidos and guidettes with 10 pounds of hair gel and artificial tans to last us a life time. We also don’t go through five hairspray cans a week.

There are people on campus with tans, of course, but if you took one look at me, you’d probably be shocked, considering that the only pigmentation I have are my freckles. Going to a school down the shore, you’d think that there would be tons of tanned bodies strutting their fist pumping muscles on campus, but I haven’t even seen one guido! Am I missing something? Should I get my guido-finder out? Because quite frankly, a school by the beach should be flooded with guidos, right?

Unless there is going to be a “Jersey Shore” themed day once a week, probably on a Thursday (when the show actually airs), then no, I do not want our campus to be flooded with “gorilla juice heads.”

Wait, everyone pause for just a second. Think about the three words from above, “gorilla juice heads.” What in God’s name does that even mean? “Jersey Shore” makes it out to mean big, strong and muscular guys. But in my mind, that means a guy with a face that looks like a gorilla, filled with not a brain, but with juice. I would definitely not be attracted to a guy with juice in his head. Unless he has an extreme love for apple juice like I do, I don’t think me and a “gorilla juice head” would work out, ever.

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Understanding Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis


Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease: All of these illnesses are well known around the world with the hopes of someday finding a cure.

Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is also a life threatening illness plaguing 5,600 people each year according to However, not many people have ever heard about this disease before or even know what it is.

I believe that more awareness should be brought about concerning ALS. Maybe then we could be one step closing to finding a cure.

Lou Gehrig’s disease attacks your immune system. It kills the nerve cells (motor neurons) in the brain and spinal cord making it so they can no longer send messages to the muscles to control or initiate movement.

Because the muscles stop receiving messages from the brain or spinal cord, they eventually began to weaken and die. This leads to paralysis. Patients will eventually lose the ability to breathe or swallow.

Since ALS only attacks motor neurons, the sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste are not affected. Basically, the sufferer is fully aware of what is happening to his/her body but cannot do anything about it.

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It’s Complicated: Why Guys and Girls Cannot be Friends


Friendship is defined as an interpersonal relationship generally considered being closer than association. Friendship between men and women is defined as…nonexistent.

In our world, there is always an argument about friendship between men and women. Women claim that it exists while men always put it down and say that it doesn’t. Who’s right here? Before I share my thoughts I would like to share the thoughts of some people I spoke to about this topic.

“Well personally some of my good friends have been females. I feel fine having girls as friends and being able to talk to them. Maybe it’s not the same as having guy friends but its worked fine for me. Saying that it’s definitely not the same as having guys as friends or for girls being friends, it’s obviously a different type of friendship, but it’s definitely possible for the opposite sex to be good friends,” said junior student Shane Carle.

Fellow junior, Jerry Dean said “Not gonna lie, almost every close friendship I’ve had with a lady, there’s some times when the testosterone is just coursing through my veins man.”

Frank DeGennaro, who graduated last year, believes it is hard for men to become just friends with women. “There are a few exceptions. 1) The girl is dating one of the guy’s friends and you are always around them. 2) You knew the girl since you were young and therefore look at them like a sister. 3) You’ve already had some sort of relationship and both have realized it wasn’t meant to be. 4) Neither side is attracted to each other. However, these aren’t rules, because very often the first three things are little to hold one side from liking the other.”

“Well I think it’s easier for girls to just be friends with guys because for the most part they are just looking for friends. Guys can be friends with girls, but if they had the chance they would totally hook up with them,” said junior Amanda Romano.

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Should You Graduate to a Higher Degree?

default article imageThese days, it seems we are at a point where getting a college degree seems almost necessary in order to succeed in life. Just don’t ask Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to back me up on that one. But is the job market so competitive right now that a mere bachelor’s degree is not enough to set you apart from everyone else?

The general consensus here at The Outlook was that it really depends on what field you are looking to work in. For example, those looking to teach at all levels would be significantly better off with a master’s degree. But where does that leave the rest of us?

There are two streams of thought on the topic. The first being that more education, grad-school, can only make you smarter and better you in the long run. Much like college, graduate school is something we as students make a choice to go to in order to get an education. A deeper understanding within your field will make you that much more of an asset to perspective job opportunities.

One factor which comes into play, one we face with many things in life, including college, is money. Is paying for school for another two years or so even doable for most students already deep into student loan debt?

Some of us at The Outlook feel that if you are a hard enough worker and skilled enough in your field then ultimately you will find a job.

Experience in your field is thought by many to be better than more schooling. Nothing can h elp prepare you more for your field of study than actually participating in it. more in your field other than hands on work actually doing it. Perhaps we can hope those hiring feel the same way and will look more into a student’s resume, aside from focusing all their attention on whether or not the applicant has a master’s or not.

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Go to Class or Go to the Beach?

default article imageThe return from spring break kicks off the final weeks of the spring semester. Warmer, longer days are eagerly welcomed and made the most of by students around campus. Swimsuit season calls all students to the beach, a convenient mile from campus. Life at school doesn’t seem to get any more perfect than these last two months.

When this weather appears, many students tend to weigh the pros and cons of going to classes or heading to the beach for that afternoon sun. Based on personal experience, the latter of the two is usually the winner. What is a crucial deciding fator that influences this decision? Class style: is the class a lecture or is it handson? Sorry professors, but if your class involves an hour and 15 minute- or worse, two hours and 45 minute lecture, you lose. If the class is more hands-on and engaging, professors have a better chance of winning the student’s attention over the beach.

During my past three years at the University, I have been exposed to both styles of teaching in the classroom. I have sat through multiple tremendously tedious classes that have been solely lecture-style. Most of these were not even relevant to my major but were courses required by the University in order for me to graduate.

Note to professors: If you are aware that you stand or sit in the front of the classroom and lecture for an entire class period, consider a change in your teaching style. If you recognize a pattern in a lack of attendance in your classes, consider a change in your teaching style. From a student’s perspective, I prefer more hands-on engagement in the classroom. This prevents the temptation to check my phone for Facebook status updates and pictures of friends who are at the beach. Sometimes, students simply cannot tolerate sitting at our desks for more than an hour thinking only of the warm weather that we are missing.

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Hop on the Bandwagon

03.21.12_Page_07_Image_0001The New York Giants, House Music, #Kony2012, Jeremy Lin, – go ahead, hop on the bandwagon.

What exactly is a “bandwagon?” It’s a term that’s used rather frequently, that’s for sure. For our generation, “hopping on the bandwagon” can best be described as publicly supporting a conduct, or belief, for mainly one reason only, because everyone else is partial to it.

As more people begin to believe in something, others come to believe it as well, and for decades, this has been a trend. From the poodle girls and leather jackets of the 50’s, to the legwarmers and fingerless gloves of the 80’s, we as humans like to follow trends; apparently it’s in our nature.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring one thing over another, even when that preference is of the masses, however, “hopping on the bandwagon” has become a term seen in negative light, and apparently those on the “bandwagon” are not respected.

This past football season, both the New York Giants and the New York Jets had a plethora of support from their fans. Each week closer to the playoffs, the Giants and Jets rivalry grew as each side hoped their team would secure a spot in Super Bowl XLVI. On Christmas Eve, the New York Jets ruined their chances, losing to a top rival, the New England Patriots, a hard feat to swallow for any fan. Despite any Jet fans hopes and wishes, the Giants made it to the Super Bowl, and so the “bandwagon” began.

“All of a sudden everyone’s a Giants fan,” said Michael Ciprello, a senior at the University. “Your team [the Jets] looses, so you throw on a Giant jersey as if they’re your second choice. If your team loses, deal with it and wait until next season, don’t all of a sudden become a fan of the winning team just because they’re winning. That’s a bandwagon fan, and I don’t like them!”

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Letter to the Editor 3/21/12

Letter to the Editor

default article imageThis letter is in response to your March 7, 2012, editorial entitled Making a Case Against Affirmative Action. I must first start out by stating that although I am appreciative of the Outlook’s coverage of the Leap Into Diversity event and the attention The Outlook staff places in covering and publicizing MU sponsored diversity events, I strongly disagree with much of the 3/7/12 editorial.

The editorial states “there is a better way to create more diversity without affirmative action.” The problem here is that there is no mention of this “better way.” Colleges and universities must always operate within the law to achieve a diverse student body. Regardless of how the Supreme Court decides the Fisher case, higher education institutions must continue to use creative and legal means to achieve racial diversity on their campuses. Diversity unfortunately does not just happen on its own. Diversity happens through hard work, institutional commitment, and specific targeted programs.

The editorial also states that Affirmative Action “was necessary during the civil rights movement, but not so much now.” This is incorrect. The United States in many ways remains a segregated nation. One look at many of our cities, schools, and neighborhoods reveals this. While it is true that progress toward racial equality has definitely been made, there is still a ways to go. The reason Affirmative Action was ever necessary is due to institutionalized racism and the vast chasm of imbalance in terms K-12 education.   Most African-Americans, Latinos, and in some cases lower income white children have no choice but to attend failing schools in sometimes dangerous neighborhoods. How can any child be properly educated under these conditions? Affirmative Action is an imperfect solution to a much larger problem.

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Effective Attendance Policy is Absent

IMG 0219The attendance policy at the University is a complete waste. There are tons of reasons why the policy should not exist. Take other schools as the first example, top schools in New Jersey like Rutgers. It does not actually have a set attendance policy; they “expect” attendance.

This may seem a little extreme but I feel as though Rutgers and other schools prosper not because of the overwhelming amount of people that attend their universities, but rather because they weed out the weak.

The students who are meant to go to school get a proper education because they are willing to go to class and prosper, while the students who want to party and not go to class fail.

If students want to work, they will work and if they do not, there is nothing anyone can do about it. No attendance policy is going to change how a student thinks. So why is it that if I got sick two days out of the semester and I overslept once, my Effective Attendance Policy is Absent grade is going to go down? Sounds a little obnoxious right? Yeah, I think so too.

What truly is a major disappointment is the fact that no matter what is going on in my life, I can only miss two lectures for a specific class. Luckily for me I am prone to sickness.

My body knows when it’s overworked, so what essentially happens is every other week I have a cough and congestion. All I truly need on those days where I feel terrible is a day off, a couple hours to relax.

Everyone knows how their own body is feeling, and when it is overworked, it reacts to that Why is it that when I do need a couple of hours to myself, I have to worry about my grade being lowered? Half the time when I do go to class in that state of mind, the professor sounds like they’re speaking in another language and are saying 200 words per second.

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A Lottery That Doe$n’t Pay

default article imageThis coming week is spring break and there are several great things to expect. Warmer weather, great trips and some time to recuperate from midterms. However there is one ominous aspect that waits for us when we return: the housing lottery.

It is quite ludicrous how people get during housing, but it is understandable. Everyone that day is on edge waiting for that e-mail each year to see if you should be jumping for joy or crying in the corner worrying if you are going to have a place to live next year.

Last year I told everyone not to talk to me about housing until I had gotten my number. Even if you do not get a good number or get waitlisted, do not fret.

Residential Life is very helpful; however, here are a few things that are very important to consider. If you are a freshman or participating in the lottery for the first time, pay close attention.

One of the first things you need to worry about is not where you are living but whom you are living with. This has been repeated millions of times but it is the honest truth. Do NOT room with someone just because they may have a lower number.

This could lead to disagreements and drama in the next school year that are unnecessary and could put a strain on friendships. Remember you are going to be with this person for a good portion of the time.

Along with discussing whom to room with, make sure you are going to be with people that are not going to flake out. I have seen this happen to several people who were supposed to room with certain friends, but because someone was not sure it turned into a huge fight.

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Asbury Park: The Hidden Gem of the Jersey Shore

the legendary stone ponyAfter living in Long Branch for about four years, I have watched Asbury Park morph from a worndown unsafe location into a flourishing treasure chest of prime day and night-time entertainment. The improvements that have been made to Asbury Park has made it an ‘it’ spot for young adults.

Whether it is live music, dining, or a fabulous bar scene, Asbury Park has it all. There are endless options for a night on the town, making it one of the most valuable outlets of entertainment available to students who live close to the University.

Asbury Park may be most wellknown for The Stone Pony located on Ocean Avenue. It is a smaller bar that has decent size stages with platforms slightly off the dance floor. Signed Fenders, Gibsons, and other guitars line the walls.

The Stone Pony has held many performances by all kinds of different musicians, including the great Bruce Springsteen. It has been a spot for rising musicians for years.

Ever since my freshman year of college, a night at The Stone Pony was something looked forward to. A concert at The Stone Pony is like watching a band play at a party, except it could possibly be one of your favorite bands playing.

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Hollywood Needs to Step it Up

50 guy movies collageThe Oscars took place this weekend and after looking over all the movies, I could see that it was not a good year for Hollywood. There were some great movies like The Help, 50/50, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

However, it seemed like it was the year of the sequel: The Hangover Part II, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the list goes on. With the exception of Harry Potter, the rest of these sequels are mediocre at the best.

Honestly, why do we need them? It just builds our hopes that it will be as good as the original, even though that is usually never the case.

There is also no point to making another sequel decades later. They are making a third Ghostbusters movie. The last movie was made in the 80s and no one has made another sequel since then because there was no need for it.

If people want their kids to be interested in older movies, tell them to check out Netflix. That’s what it’s for.

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